Electric oven technical parameters

- May 31, 2018-

Temperature range -200°C (300°C), temperature stability ±0.5°C, temperature distribution uniformity ±2°C, heating time 200°C, approximately 50 minutes, power consumption, power supply 3ф38±10 %, Thermometer Japan's "SHTIMADEN" PID with SSR output, fan delay power-off function (can be ordered with optional control), 999-hour time-lapse display, first over-temperature alarm for safety device, second time Over-temperature cut function, MCCB overload protection, temperature auto-tuning, electric fin heat pipe heat pipe, forced air circulation system of wind transport system and specially designed air outlet, excellent temperature uniformity, exhaust flue blade The design can adjust the air volume, control the formation temperature and automatically open the time meter after reaching the set temperature. After the time arrives, the heat power supply is cut off and the buzzer prompts. The test standard is GB5170.2-1996.