Electric steamer function and characteristics

- May 31, 2018-

The main characteristics of electric steamer are health, environmental protection, nutrition, fast and convenient, safe and clean! In daily life, many people like to use “steaming” to cook food. Steaming “steaming” food can not only avoid the troubles of kitchen fumes, but also better preserve the nutrition and authenticity of food. The steamed food can maintain the authenticity of the food, and some of the nutrients of the food itself that have been fried or baked out are lost to the air. Therefore, the steamed food is more nutritious than the stir-fried food.

Electric steamer compared with ordinary steamer. Not only is the shape unique and the design is more unique. The transparent three-layer steamer can be disassembled and merged at will. At the same time, it is also possible to observe changes in the cooking process during the steaming of food. There is also a “juice box” below the steamer so that pasta and fish, meat, and vegetables are available. Separated and placed at the same time steamed steamer without odor. The capacity of most of the electric steamers can be arbitrarily adjusted to increase or decrease the stratified steamer. After the shards are detached, the whole chicken or a tail fish can be cooked. Some steaming trays can be nested and stacked and do not take up space. The multi-functional stainless steel electric steamer can be used as an electric hot pot in addition to steamed food. Electric steamer adopts advanced anti-stem temperature control, which can automatically dry out water, ring regularly, and do not need to stop at the external water inlet. It is very safe and convenient to use.