The structure of the electric oven

- May 31, 2018-

The electric oven consists of a box, a door, an electric heating element, a temperature control and timing device.

1 The box is mostly made of thin steel plate, which is generally double-layer material.

The 2 box door is equipped with high-temperature resistant tempered glass and shaped energy net to maintain the temperature inside the box and observe the food baking conditions.

3 Electrothermal elements are often coated with metal tubes of far-infrared radiation material. General electric oven has two heating elements up and down, and some are also installed one or two on the side of the box.

4 The use of bimetal for temperature control elements has been gradually promoted.

5 Timing devices are commonly used in spring type and electric type. The former has a timing range of less than one hour, and the latter can reach several hours. Some electric ovens also have a food tray, which is driven by a micro motor and rotates at a low speed to make the food more even. In the early 80s of the 20th century, computerized toaster ovens used temperature sensors, weight sensors, humidity sensors, and microprocessors to automatically select the best baking mode based on a pre-entered baking program to optimize and automate the baking process.