How To Buy An Electric Oven

- May 31, 2018-

1, check the appearance

The cabinet baking paint is smooth and thick without peeling; the inner cavity, grilling net chrome plating layer is bright, smooth without peeling; the door can be opened and closed freely. The grid is easy to disassemble and install; the heater is firmly installed and can be unplugged with proper force.

2, power test

Turn on the power, switch the switch to the upper heater energizing position, the upper heating lamp lights, after 3min, there should be temperature rise. Then switch the switch to the lower heater power position, the corresponding indicator light, after a few minutes, required temperature rise. Finally, the switch is placed in the fully on position and the tank temperature control value is set at 200° C. The temperature is required to rise to 200° C. within 15 minutes.

3, timing check

For timers with electric ovens, check that the timing is accurate.

4, temperature check

Tested constant temperature performance at 100°C and 250°C.

5, other checks

Check that the seal is observed after closing the oven door and observe that the glass is clean and bright. Each function knob operation should be flexible and comfortable. Also check whether the baking pan, grilling net, grilling fork and other spare parts of the electric oven are complete.