Oven Attention Issues

- May 31, 2018-

Oven preheat

Before baking any food, the oven must be preheated to the specified temperature in order to meet the baking time on the recipe. The preheating of the oven takes about time. If it is insufficient, it may not reach the specified temperature. If the oven is preheated and baked for too long, it may also affect the service life of the oven.

Bake height

To bake things in a small oven, basically just put the food into it, but the mid-range oven usually contains three levels of upper, middle, and lower levels to choose from, as long as the recipe does not specifically indicate the upper and lower fire temperature, it will be baked In the middle layer, if the ignition temperature is high and the ignition temperature is low, unless the oven's upper and lower fire can be individually adjusted, otherwise the upper and lower fire temperatures are usually divided by two, and then the baking tray is placed on the upper layer. You can, but still need to pay attention to whether the surface is too dark.

Food is too coke

Smaller ovens are more prone to over-cooking. At this time, you can cover the food with a layer of aluminum foil, or slightly open the oven door to dissipate heat. The medium oven has sufficient space and can control the temperature unless the oven temperature is too high and the oven temperature is too high. If the fire is too close or too long, there will be less scorching. Treatment when the temperature is not uniform Although the medium oven can be controlled temperature, it is still difficult to compare with a professional oven. In the case of making Chinese and Western snacks, for example, the temperature of a medium-sized oven is not as good as that of a professional oven. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to changes in the oven temperature during baking. The snack must be turned or cooled at a proper time to prevent the cake or bread from swelling at both sides. Inappropriateness, or the overcooking of biscuits, etc. may occur.