Oven Classification

- May 31, 2018-

usage frequency

It is usually divided into three types of automatic control (timing, temperature adjustment, power adjustment), temperature control timing type and common simple type.

Temperature control timing type is sufficient, because this type of function is more complete, cost-effective; three control automatic type, all kinds of baking functions, but the price is more expensive; ordinary simple type is the "entry-level" product, this type of product The price is cheaper, but because the temperature and time are manually controlled, the user is required to carefully grasp the baking temperature to avoid food "overripping" or over-baking, affecting the delicious.

Food component

The capacity of electric ovens generally ranges from 9 to 60 liters. Therefore, when selecting the capacity specifications, it is necessary to fully consider the use of electric ovens. Electric oven is not as good as the lower the power, high-power electric oven heating speed, less heat loss, but will be more power. Household electric ovens should generally choose products with more than 1000 watts.

Internal and external quality

A good electric oven should be sealed well so that heat loss can be reduced. The way to open the oven is mostly open from top to bottom, so it is necessary to carefully test the degree of lubrication of the door. The door cannot be too tight, otherwise it is easy to burn people when forced to open; nor can it be too loose to prevent accidental removal during use. The electric oven has more internal grilling trays and grills.