Oven Considerations

- May 31, 2018-

1) Appearance inspection: The paint on the external surface should be uniform, bright and lusterless, no shedding, no dents, or serious scratches. The door switch is flexible, tight, and seamless, and the window glass has good transparency. Various switches and knobs are beautifully shaped and processed with precision. The dial is clear and easy to operate. Counterfeit and shoddy products often use counterfeit trademarks and packaging, or they impersonate imported products as originals. Their cabinets are bumpy, rust-like, rough in appearance, inflexible in various types of switches, and their functional effects are not obvious. After power-on, they heat up slowly. Less than the standard requirements.

2) Check whether the accessories are complete: such as handle fork, baking pan, grill and so on.

3). Power plug: The wiring should be firm, and the grounding wire is in good condition without any bad contact.