Precautions For Purchasing An Electric Oven

- May 31, 2018-

1, with automatic thermostat control of the electric oven, the furnace temperature should be able to be adjustable in the range of 100 to 250 °C, the temperature error control is less than ± 10%.

2, with automatic timing control of the electric oven, control time should be able to continuously adjustable within 0-45min, travel time error is less than ± 10%.

3, the cavity temperature from room temperature to 200 °C time does not exceed 15min.

4, the electric oven thermal efficiency is greater than 60%.

5, power deviation is less than +5%, -10%.

6, the inner chrome plating layer should be solid, stainless, bright; baking pan enamel should be heat-resistant solid; grilling chrome plating layer should be bright and smooth.

7. The working life of the heater is not less than 1000h; the door opening and closing life is more than 5,000 times.