The Type Of Oven Is Optional

- May 31, 2018-

A simple household electric oven

This is a product that was put into the market at an early stage. Its structure is a sheet-shaped far-infrared radiation heating element or electric heating wire in a shell made of a thin metal plate, and a sliding door made of a double-layer thin plate is directly connected to the 220V power supply. Power can not be adjusted, the temperature can not be controlled, baking food can only be based on the experience of time, or from time to time through the power to master the heat, inconvenient to use, not well grasped, baked food is not a raw or coke. In 2013, such products have been gradually phased out.

Second, ordinary household electric oven

It is a common variety on the market in 2013 and includes automatic thermostat type, automatic timing type and automatic thermostat timing type products. This type of electric oven is mainly composed of a box body, a cavity, a heating element, a temperature controller, a timer, and power supply leads, a baking pan, a grilling net, a handle fork and the like. The outer surface of the shell is painted with colored amino baking varnish, and the inner cavity is removable. The grids on both sides can adjust the height and position of the baking tray and roasting net as required. Most of the furnace door uses a spring structure with a tempered glass transparent window that is resistant to high temperatures. The heating element has a metal tubular heating element, and also has a milky quartz glass heating element and a sheet-like far-infrared radiation heating element. The temperature controller on the panel is the control system of the electric oven, and its operating status is indicated by red and green indicators. The temperature controller uses bimetal temperature control elements and the timer is generally mechanical. Some electric ovens also have power switchers. The surface fire and bottom fire can be separately controlled to obtain different heat conditions.